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Who We Are Looking For

Are you excited by the prospect of being a small business owner, and do you have the drive to make it succeed? Are you passionate about your work and enthusiastic about growing a business? Do you have a go-getter mentality, always looking for new opportunities and ways to improve? Most importantly, are you willing to take risks and be okay with failing, because that’s how you learn and grow? If this sounds like you, then we want you on our franchising team!

Benefits of joining Red Owl

Becoming a red owl franchisee comes with six major advantages to make owning a franchise easier:

  • Access to our established business systems, processes, and procedures.
  • Access to the developed line of products and services, which help save you time and money.
  • Ongoing research and development towards new products and services are also a bonus for you.
  • Access to our training and business advice to provide you with a strong understanding of the Red Owl Coffee business and the skills and knowledge to run it successfully. This means that there is always someone there to help you.
  • Access to brand advertising and marketing including strong regional and local marketing strategies.
  • Access to our Red Owl Coffee franchise community, which allows you to learn and share with other franchisees through online forums and regional group meetings

Joining a franchise is truly an attractive way to create your own business path, allowing you to reach your goals and fulfill your life dreams!

The Red Owl Difference

Our craft-roasted coffee beans have set the bar very high in the neighborhoods and communities we serve. Our locations have become a daily obsession for our customers and we are confident that once a customer tastes our coffee—there will be no more stops at the local convenience store or corporately owned coffee shop that you find on every corner in America. We are confident that our customers will experience a distinctive and memorable coffee experience—that they can’t find anywhere else. Our locations open early and close late to ensure no one has to go without our unique coffee!

Change Your Future

Become Part of Our Story

Will Paulo,

Jon Chancy,

Meet the Team

Will Paulo and Jon Chancy opened the first of 6 company owned locations in Valdosta, Georgia in 2016. Fueled by the passion for great coffee—the duo was committed to aggressive growth and delivering espresso-based drinks with a focus on high quality and speed.

The dream of one day sharing the Red Owl Coffee Company concept with other entrepreneurs who may want to own their own coffee venue—was built on a set of success criteria—that they could duplicate in company owned locations prior to sharing the model with others.