the Process



Talon Roast Espresso

It’s called the Talon for a reason. A medium/dark blend with more grip than you’re ready for.

Horned Owl Dark Roast

The perfect balance of boldness and flavor, that’ll make you wanna shake your tail feathers

Barn Owl House Blend

A medium/light blend that is low in acidity, smooth in body with a sweet flavor of milk chocolate

Pour Proudly

At Red Owl Coffee Company we take pride in our product. All of the coffee we serve is roasted in-house using practices we’ve crafted over several years.

Our roasting journey started in 2018 with humble beginnings. When we began our venture into the world of in-house roasting, we started off with a dream and a popcorn machine. Over the course of several months, we navigated our way through the intricacies of coffee roasting and found the flavor profiles we liked.

Once we got the basics down, we bought our first roaster. We meticulously narrowed down the profiles of each of our roasts to perfection. Two more roaster upgrades were added in the next two years to keep up with the growing demand of the stores we opened up along the way.

Since then, we have added a myriad of blends and a team of roasters to our repertoire. Through all of the developments we made over the past years we’ve made it a point to stick to our roots; producing quality coffee and having a fun time doing it.

When you drink Red Owl coffee, you’re drinking a product that was created with time, care, and passion. Our coffee is made with you in mind from the bean all the way to your cup.