Red Owl Coffee Company. A little taste of home from our hands to yours.

At Red Owl Coffee Company, we look at what we do as something unique…we share home. A lot of people are on the go each day, but that home feeling is something we think is valuable and we enjoy sharing it. It is family, warm memories, a feeling of caring. Even if one’s home experience is not a warm one, we all want to belong! That is what we strive for with each hand-crafted cup of coffee we create. It is a touch of comfort where we can all belong for a moment. When you as the customer order a coffee or specialty drink you know what you’re getting is unique…but consistent. From our baristas to coffee buyers, our people have been trained to the highest standards that have built the success of Red Owl. From choosing the best coffee beans and ingredients, to the actual creation of your favorite drink…it’s like a warm blanket and a familiar friend. That consistency of quality is an intentional pursuit that we are serious about, but what we serve you is only part of that slice of home. The people of Red Owl Coffee Company make up the other part; it is not just what we serve, but how we serve it. The smile and friendly voice of the people you encounter will show you that we are homegrown, and getting to know you is part of the fun and why we love what we do.

Drop by for a home experience during the day or when you need a break from the chaos of life…that little slice of “home” before you get home is waiting for you.