Welcome to the Red Owl Franchising Newsletter.


As Red Owl has grown we have focused on bringing forth the best products available. Our coffee, first and foremost, proceeds us. Which is why this newsletter and pre-application list exists. Jon Chancy and I, Will Paulo, started Red Owl with a simple mission in mind uniting the love of coffee with the community in which we serve it. There is so much more passion in coffee than meets the eye. Our cafe’s are a beacon of hope in a rushed morning, and bright spot on a bleak afternoon. We focus on providing not just a drink, but an experience, driven by our love for customers and coffee.


When it comes to our coffee we have spent years perfecting our blends to fit the particular demographic we serve. Jon and I, have spent countless hours with our team focusing on where our coffee originates from around the world. After that we focused on how roasting process is performed, and that’s just the beginning. Once our coffee makes it to one of our shops, the process takes on a new shape. Countless hours once again was spent on testing equipment, ratios for recipes, and the technical operations for baristas to use.


With all that said, we take our responsibility as a beacon for a community seriously. Maintaining a brand and reputation like Red Owl is no small task. As much as we want to let you and everyone with a love for Red Owl Coffee be a part of our story, we must take small steps. This is mostly to insure that once you have your baby owl shop, it has a fighting chance to grow into something great for your community. Joining this list will let us inform you where we are in the growing process.


Listed below are the steps we are taking. before a franchise can be supported:


Step 1: Establish a consistent product. With recipes ratios simplified for common uses. (Check)


Step 2: Consumer confidence in our brand. (Check)


Step 3: Establish a distribution system to feed our little owl shops (in progress)


Step 4: Create a financial plan to monitor anchor operating cost. (Check)


Step 5: Establish a corporate team to insure checks and balances in the brand (in progress)


Step 6: design and build our model store to use as the franchise model from the lessons we have learned. (In progress)


Step 7: launch the application process for our FDD forms. (Hopefully 2021)


Step 8: Receive all of our federal documentation for franchising


Step 9: Start processing official franchise applications.


Step 10: Grow our Red Owl family with passionate people for positive change.


Jon and I work hard everyday blazing a unique trail for people like yourself to follow. Our passion is not to open a lot of stores with no ability to teach and support our growing family. The above steps are what we are facing in order to do it the right way. Red Owl is more than a investing strategy, we are looking for individuals who are looking to change their, and other’s, environments around them.


So be patient and be ready. Once we have all the boxes checked we are going to hit the ground running.


Thank You,

William Paulo, Co-founder and CEO


If you are interested in putting your name or company on a list once Red Owl launches franchising for contacting please click below.